Winter blues...

Yes, I said it. Finally, I caved and got on the "I'm so over Winter" bandwagon. Today being St. Patrick's Day, we were woken up to about 3 to 4" of snow! Yup, more SNOW! Now normally, this wouldn't bother me a bit, except this year, I'm sicker than a dog and have been for days! I'm emotional and miserable because I don't feel well, and annoyed that the damn sun isn't shining and it's 60 degrees out...ugh, horrible! I actually called out of work 3 times this weekend and am barely trying this blog. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I have to be about half dead before I call out of work for being sick. I can't remember the last time I did! It's been THAT long! 

I've been hearing everywhere that there's some nasty bug going around, and lucky me, caught it! Between the shivers from the high fever, sore throat, sinus, head and chest congestion beyond belief, coughing and sneezing so much my back and abs are getting such a workout they hurt, I can go on and on!! I'm taking so much medication to get me through the day, I'm slightly delirious! BUT, that's not the Fukitt mentality now is it? No, it's not, completely that is. Remember, our mission is to help inspire people to live life without regret and accept challenges worth the risk, right? SO, why am I being and feeling so miserable? Because that's life and you're supposed to from time to time. I'm only human! My husband tells me all the time "you're not a machine". 

I guess that's why I am miserable. I'm used to going all the time and never breaking. But this time, this machine is "out for repair". A little silly of me, now that I'm thinking of it to feel so miserable because I have a terrible flu and it's snowing out. What am I nuts? Look around Kristen! And I did...and I smiled...

So with that being said, as I drink some orange juice and watch my pups play in the snow, I realized how lucky I am to be able to work from home, in my sweats and slippers, makeup-less, with my husband by my side and our 4 furry kids and I'm no longer miserable. I may feel miserable, but I have a smile on my face, in my heart and in my soul. So, on today, a snowy Saint Patrick's Day, I am counting my blessings, as I always do, and I hope you all get over the Winter Blues as easily as I just did. Look around you..every reason to be smiling on a day like today!


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