St. Patrick's Day Celebration, Fukitt Style

St. Patrick's in our always is early, and we always celebrate with family, friends and a lot of green!! Our day started off dropping off most of our "green" gear at the Aztec Bar bright and early, @ 8:30 a.m. Because parking later on would be a nightmare with most of the streets closed for the parade. We make our way to "Uncle Bills" for his annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast, which consists of delicious egg sandwiches cooked outside on the deck, bacon, sausage, bagels, french toast, fried potatoes, and of course in holiday tradition, shots of Jameson, and green jello shots! We decide that after seeing Uncle Bills breakfast sandwich creations, to split one, because they were HUGE to say the least! Delicious!! We sat around the coffee table with friends and families, pregnant ones, babies, cousins, and characters dressed up like leprechaun clowns, laughing, story telling, and just being together!

After breakfast, we make our way outside on this beautiful sunny, warm 55 degree day and relax in the sunshine with even more friends who continually show up in dribs and drabs, via bicycle (which by the way, is our (local) chosen means of transportation in the summertime on the island), and skateboard, (another preferred means of transportation) until the house and yard is filled with what probably looks like from afar, a big green blur of love!  Everyone looks so forward to this day every year! It marks the beginning of the end of Winter for us! Green jello shots to celebrate and PBR's to boot!

About noon, (yes it's only noon by now), we leave to go set up at the Aztec and get ready to sell some Fukitt gear. It was a perfect day, and we met so many great people, young and old that were inspired by the Fukitt mentality. People always feel compelled to tell us their stories, and we love hearing them! After a few hours, it was a sea of Fukitt hats and shirts and sweatshirts no matter where you looked! Everyone was having a great time, and loved talking to us about what we were about, and most, once they found out what we actually were about, bought something and sported it proudly...someone even wore it while riding the mechanical shark!!! This was a funny site to see!

All in all, it was a beautiful day, filled with amazing people, love and support for our brand. We cannot thank you all enough for being a part of our annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration!

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