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St. Patrick's Day Parade Seaside Heights Fukitt Clothing

Hi guys! Well, St. Patrick's Day is among us, well in Seaside Heights, NJ it is! Saturday, March 8, 2014 is the day us locals celebrate the end of our beachless, bikiniless, sandalless, vanillafaceless season! It's not quite bikini season yet fo rus, but we know it will shortly be here and we celebrate...Boy do we celebrate with our annual St. Patrick's Day Parade through the town of Seaside Heights. People from all over, not just the island folk, come to celebrate the end of the cold with avengeance!

Our day tomorrow will start bright and early, as in 7 am on a Saturday, dressing up in green, green, green! Everything green! From clothing, hair accessories, makeup, stickers, fake tattoos, beads, sunglasses..anything you can think of! We all make or buy something and head to the annual "Breakfast at Uncle Bill's". Now breakfast on parade day includes everything you can think of, on steroids! Kegs of beer, bottles of Jameson, and liquor infused french toast and bacon, music blasting, kinds running around playing, people dancing and singing...and it's not even 10 a.m yet! This is friends and family at it's best! This is what Fukitt is all about! Living our lives, and enjoying with the ones we love!

After we have all had our fill of food and drinks, we all walk, in a mass exodus, over to the parade and see all the floats, bands, antique cars, etc! During this time, the hubby and I will continue on to the Aztec Hotel and Bar and set up for the rest of the day. We will be selling green, green everything and our annual "Lucky to be Alive" shirts and sweatshirts in honor of St. Patrick's Day, but also keeping in line with what we are most passionate about...suicide prevention. Nothing says Fukitt it more than "Lucky to be Alive"...

Fukitt Clothing St. Patrick's Day Collection

The night will go on, surrounded with family and friends, old and new and we will hopefully inspire a few more people with our be continued after the festivities!! Bring on Summer!!!

Fukitt Clothing at the Aztec Bar for St. Patrick's Day Parade in Seaside Heights, NJ

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