DC Tattoo Expo

Fukitt Booth at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 

Being that we always get a lot of love from the DC area, we decided to take our chances at the 4th Annual DC Tattoo Expo mid January. Our first event of the year, and that we never vended there before, we had no expectations..but we were happy with the result!

We packed up the truck and headed South for 4 hours, ready for a 3 day weekend of the unexpected. We arrived and were sent to our space between the 2 convention ballrooms and began to set up. 3 hours later, we looked like a retail store and were ready for whatever the weekend threw at us.

Fridays are always a slow day at conventions (but this was really slow), so it had us thinking this was a bad, expensive idea...but the people we did meet and talk to seemed to love everything about Fukitt and what we were about. Saturday turned out to be a COMPLETELY different day! The convention was buzzing with the sound of tattoo machines! People everywhere were getting inked, pierced and looking for new things...then they hit the Fukitt booth. Young and old, new to Fukitt and returning fans, people were inspired by our motto and what the brand stood for. Loving our designs, quality of our clothing and our "live life without regrets" motto inspired so many and ignited a fire in some! Sunday always a great day, was filled with the same vibe as Saturday, and came with meeting more amazing people, and selling to 2 wholesale clients! Our message is getting out there!!

We met some seriously amazing people in DC, including a fellow Filipino lady, who became an instant friend, supporter and wholesaler! It felt like family! She even brought us real Filipino food for lunch!! Expanding our line down into the DC area in retail shops is going to be amazing for our line.

We also were honored to meet a few "wounded warriors" whose stories inspired us and touched the soul. We cannot thank you all enough for your service, sacrifice, and loyalty. We hope that you can continue to be inspired by Fukitt and our mission and when needed, throw on a shirt for a little inspiration and help through a rough day.

We were truly blessed to be a part of this event and cannot wait to see what amazing things come from it! Next year we will be there, no doubt!!

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  • Katie Rogers

    Saw you at the Expo and LOVE my shirt! I get a few looks regarding the logo, but I use it as my opportunity to talk about the reason behind the logo and the statement against suicide prevention.

    Thanks for keeping the work up! LOVE IT!

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