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Okay, so I know this is a little later than my normal blogs about a past event, but it was definitely hard to get back into work mode after a "work-acation..yes, work/vacation rolled up into one. Especially one that involved a total of 37 hours of driving, 3 and a half days lounging by a pool, 1 night relaxing in a spa with wine, and 3 days of craziness at a tattoo convention!!!  Once we finally got to West Palm Beach, we checked into our hotel and immediately ran out to the pool to relax, catch some rays and unwind from the 17 hour drive. 

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I cannot even say how grateful WE are to everyone who supports Fukitt and our mission, but even a bigger thank you to those of you who shared your stories of pain and suicidal thoughts and how we (Fukitt and our mission) has saved them in those dark, sad times.There are so many touching stories this weekend that brought us and the people sharing their stories with us to tears. So, what I'm going to do is write about some of those stories today and some tomorrow, which really hit home with us and caused tears. Everyone's story is important to us, everyone's struggle is important to be heard, but these are just some that stuck out.

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We have always gotten a lot of love from the folks in Atlantic City, so when we heard there was a Seafood Festival, we decided to venture down the Parkway and try our hand at it.  Fukitt, phonetically pronounced "foo-kit", NOT fuck it as everyone thinks, was well received once again, from all ages and walks of life. I started our very windy Saturday morning meeting our newest sales representative, Michael Gesso, a professional motorcross racer (Jack met him the weekend before at the Wildwood Tattoo Convention, who walked into the booth and got infected with Fukitt and our mission, and...

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