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New Year -

Happy New Year 2016 from Fükitt Clothing
I seem to always resort to this quote during this time of the year because it feels like the perfect reminder for the proper mindset to start the new year. It's funny how sometimes the most simple change in perspective can really alter your way of thinking.

We all tend to wish we can have a "do-over" so that we can either 1) erase some regrets or 2) have more time to accomplish our goals...and then life can be perfect, right? But we can't go back and start a new beginning... People sabotage themselves with regret from their mistakes or with the overwhelming frustration from their limited amount of time. We are haunted by the "what-ifs" of our past decisions.

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Exxxotica -

Exxxotica NJ 2016

This was our last event of the year! We're glad that we end the year at this event because it's just so much fun hanging out there. You can check out our pictures on Facebook! I remember being so hesitant in exhibiting at this event because of how people might misconstrue our brand being associated with this industry. But we also felt the same way when we decided to exhibit at beer festivals.

We figured that as long as we maintain our positive branding and explain our mission for our apparel, people will understand what we're about. We didn't want to exclude people who might need inspiration because you never know who might need it.

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Filmed & Edited by: Padrick Zulueta We always have a great time exhibiting Fükitt Clothing at the Baltimore Tattoo Convention because there are so many things always going on at the event.

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BMX, Suicide -

Dave Mirra Fukitt Clothing Apparel Suicide Prevention

It has come to my attention that a World Famous BMX athlete, 24 time X Games medalist, MTV host, husband and father of 2,  Dave Mirra was found dead, by way of suicide, at the young age of 41.

This story has sparked a few negative comments after we posted about it on our Facebook page. People were commenting that they "don't feel badly for him and he couldn't have lived 10 days in their shoes", "what could he possibly be so depressed about, he had everything, money, fame, etc"? It takes me back to when we all heard Robin Williams took his own life. 

Just because it looks to the World on the outside that someone's life is amazing, we never truly will ever know what happens or had happened behind closed doors to spark some series of depression or sadness. I find it hard to believe that people nowadays, would dare to compare their lives to someone else's and say that one person could never walk a mile in their shoes. It's just ridiculous to me.

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Booth, Convention, DC, Event, exhibitor, Fans, Fukitt, Grateful, Supporters, Tattoo -

Fukitt Clothing

This past weekend we were at our first show of the year down in DC at the DC Tattoo Convention. Both of us wound up with terrible colds, throwing us off our game a little, but like they say, "the show must go on"!  The show did, in fact, go on. We struggled through setting up and a typical slower Friday, and managed to smile through feeling like hell to spread the word about our brand. 

After a sleepless night (one can't sleep if one can't breathe) Saturday I was at my worst, While downing Musinex, vitamins and orange juice so we could actually speak to customers and breathe, we again managed to talk to people and inspire them about our brand and our mission. We met several people who were return customers with stories of how simply wearing our shirt or hat changed their lives, their day and their outlook.

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