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Beer Festival, Event, Maryland -

Before we even departed for the event, I was already feeling sick. I had a crazy migraine early morning before we left. I felt so bad because that left Kristen, my partner in crime, to do everything for the event. About 20 minutes before the scheduled time to leave, she woke me up and said, "Maybe I should just leave you here. I got this."

I definitely knew she could handle it since she's done events on her own before but I just thought I'll feel better. I slept on the entire 3-hour ride to Timmonium, MD and I were still feeling like shit. After setting up

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Atlantic City, Band, Beer, Beer Fest, Event, Music Festival -

There's only one way we know how to kick off Spring, and that's at the annual Atlantic City Beer Fest! This year I had to go it alone and bring friends with me to help out because, as most of you know, the hubs was in Chicago at the Tattoo Convention. 

If any one of you reading this have been there before, you know this event is completely insane! 30k people in the matter of 12 hours, divided between 3 sessions! That's a LOT of people! People come from all over to see the concerts, taste the beer and buy awesome stuff from none other than, yours truly, Fukitt Clothing!

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It's always a pleasure taking advantage of visiting so many different places as a perk of this job. This is the 3rd time we have exhibited at the Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention, where there are hundreds of tattoo artists and unique vendors.

My flight arrived in Chicago on Thursday, the day before the event, so I had plenty of time to check out my area to set up our shop. This is always great because I don't have to rush. I was going to go around and check out the area but I really didn't feel like it so I just went back to my hotel room.

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Event, Music Festival, St. Patrick's Day -

Here are some of our video footage from the Shamrock Fest where we had a pop-up shop! Coincidentally, the event landed on St. Patrick's Day so it was a great way to celebrate the occasion.

There were so many great bands and we met so many new supporters for our brand. It was a little chilly for the day so we obviously sold out most of our hoodies! Haha...

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Fukitt, Gold Medal, Grateful, Gratitude, Olympics, Snowboarding, Suicide Awareness -

I don't know about you, but I have always had Olympic fever!  Completely obsessed with the games from minute one to the very end! To watch the entire world come together peacefully for sport, regardless of political or religious differences...While there are dozens of inspirational stories of athletes overcoming a possible career ending injury, and fighting their way back to win the gold medal, I'm going to write about one in particular today. You probably already guessed it... the adorable ginger, Snowboarding Olympic 3 time Gold Medalist, Shaun White!

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