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Beer Bacon and Bourbon, enough said.

This event was much shorter than our usual. It was only one day, 5 hours hosted at the Morristown Armory. The first hour was open to VIP, not many came in. Then after the first hour was general admission and that's when the crowd started pouring in. People ready to taste every beer there was to offer with their mini mason jars and eat some bacon!

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Baltimore, Maryland, Tattoo, Tattoo Convention -

Baltimore Maryland! We came, we saw, we conquered! It all started with a 3-hour drive at 8:30 a.m.

The ride was fun and easy thanks to our Instagram Live audience giving us music requests. That and coffee were just about the only two things keeping us awake and ready to take on the Baltimore Tattoo Convention!

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Event, Maryland, Wine, Wine Festival -

National Harbor, National Harbor, National Harbor.... where to begin?
Well, National Harbor is always a very welcoming event with warm weather and great vibes, but this time around, it was a little more intricate than that...

The ride there was nothing but fog.... lots and lots of fog...  Driving, you couldn't see more than one car in front of you.

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Event, Wine, Wine Festival -

This past weekend we took on a different event. An event that was only 3.5 hours long, but it was a WINE fest!!! If anyone knows me, I LOVE wine!!! So, considering the event was basically local for us, (1.5 hours away) we decided to go for it.

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Event, NC, Tattoo Convention -

We rarely drive to any event that's more than 4 hours away but the organizers of this event have reached out to us multiple times and convinced us to exhibit at the All American Tattoo Convention. This was an 8-hour road trip to Fayetteville, North Carolina.

We left New Jersey on Thursday night and arrived at our hotel the next morning around 5 AM. Then we were up and out to set up our pop-up shop around 10 AM because the event starts at 12 PM. We were already tired and the show hasn't even started yet?! Haha...

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