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This was the first time that we've ever exhibited our brand in Colorado so it was definitely an exciting trip! This was definitely a very unique experience in comparison to other events due to the legalization of marijuana in this state. It was definitely a fun trip!

I've been so curious about the rules with the marijuana laws and I was still unable to try some! Luckily, there was this one kid, who gave me marijuana as a gift because he was really inspired by the brand and he was thankful for my giving him a free wristband to attend the convention! When in Rome...

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I randomly booked our trip to Italy on a whim...I figured I would share a little insight about our journey, our experiences, and the things we learned along the way about life, love, and living! What we took with us; a little culture, a little knowledge, a little appreciation of the world and it's people and how good we have it in our beautiful country.

I hope we touched the lives of some of the people we met along the way. Remember to live your life! Take that dream trip now while you're young. You can always work later to make more money... time is something we cannot buy, no matter how much we have. So enjoy this beautiful life, and this beautiful world, see it, experience it, feel it, know regrets! Cheers!

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Beer Festival, Bourbon, Maryland -

Early Friday morning around 10:00 AM, I arrived at the office to handle some last minute additions before heading to National Harbor, Maryland. By 11:00 AM, it was time to hit the road and Ricardo and I had a 4-hour drive ahead of us. Now, I know what you're thinking, "4 hours?! That's insane!" But actually, the ride went by pretty fast even with the mass amount of traffic.

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This was the first time we exhibited our brand at this event so we weren't really sure what to expect. We've done plenty of events with the same organizer of the event, so we were confident that it was going to be a good event since this was the 5th annual event for this convention.

I flew out to Kansas City from Newark Airport on a Thursday. Most tattoo conventions are usually held for 3 days from Friday to Sunday. One of the most convenient aspects of this convention is that the event is held at the same hotel where I was staying! As soon as I got to the hotel room, I was able to relax

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