Wine and Food Fest 2018 - National Harbor

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Wine and Food Fest 2018 - National Harbor

National Harbor, National Harbor, National Harbor.... where to begin?
Well, National Harbor is always a very welcoming event with warm weather and great vibes, but this time around, it was a little more intricate than that...

The ride there was nothing but fog.... lots and lots of fog...  Driving, you couldn't see more than one car in front of you.


The ride there wasn't all that bad though, Kristen and I jammed out to some classics and made the best of it! Believe it or not, but the fog didn't even slow us down, in fact we made it to Maryland even faster than expected!
Once we arrived unpacked and were fully set up, the sun finally made a breakthrough. By the time is was 1:00, it was already 78 degrees!

It wasn't long after until Kristen and I were completely sunburned. Day one was super busy as well! Every turn you made, you were bumping into someone else...

Day two, on the other hand, made a drastic change.. From 80 degrees and sunburn yesterday to 57 and using koozies as hand warmers. I guess it wouldn't have been that cold had there been less wind, but again we made the best of it.

The second day wasn't nearly as busy as the first thanks to the weather, but that didn't stop us from having a good time!

After day two of the event, Kristen and I went to one of her favorite local restaurants and enjoyed some wonderful steak and wine. Truly an awesome getaway for us, even though it was "work", it was a blast!!

Can't wait to see National Harbor again next year!!!!!
Thank you all who came out to show some love and thank you to our new supporters!


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