The Olympic Games - I'm obsessed!

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The Olympic Games - I'm obsessed!

I don't know about you, but I have always had Olympic fever!  Completely obsessed with the games from minute one to the very end! To watch the entire world come together peacefully for sport, regardless of political or religious differences, and be able to witness the best of the best in the entire world compete against each other for the bragging right of the "best in the world", well, to me, is quite amazing and an honor!

To be able to watch these athletes compete in something they love and to see their triumphs and defeats is an emotional thing for me. Ok, so I'm a sap, and I get all choked up and yes, teary-eyed when they win and even when they fail. Especially during the national anthem of whatever country has won. Watching them stand there, proud as can be, humbled, knowing all of their efforts with their non-stop training since childhood, sacrifices made, and injuries sustained has been all worth it! Overwhelmed with emotion and pride, standing on those podiums knowing they did it, well I feel it for them too!

While there are dozens of inspirational stories of athletes overcoming a possible career-ending injury, and fighting their way back to win the gold medal, I'm going to write about one in particular today. You probably already guessed it... the adorable ginger, Snowboarding Olympic 3 time Gold Medalist, Shaun White!

Shaun White winning Gold in snowboarding halfpipe in the 2006 Olympics, and the 2010 Olympics, it was almost certain he would win again in the 2014 Olympics. He did not. He actually didn't even medal in those games, he finished in 4th place. A big blow to him in a sport that he was named best in the world. But Shaun, someone who wouldn't give up, decided not to go out that way and end his career in 4th place, but to fight his way back to the top and come back for the 2018 Olympic games with a vengeance. And vengeance is an understatement! Shaun in September, just 6 short months ago, sustained a severe injury training in New Zealand wherein he basically smashed his face, requiring over 60 stitches, severe pain, and I'm pretty sure some mental and emotional trauma to go along with it. 

When an athlete injures themselves to that extent, it's either, move on and quit while you're ahead or decide that you're willing to sustain that exact injury again or something worse for the sport you love. Shaun decided it was worth it and he was willing to endure anything to prove himself again at the games. That's commitment and passion and love for the sport.

The first pass of the event, Shaun came out with a mission of proving a point and boy oh boy did he! His second run, he actually missed a landing and that was his "throw away" run, but still in first place until a young kid from Japan gave him a run for his money. On his third and final run, (the last run of the competition) Shaun White, the amazing American, after overcoming a severe injury, came out on that half pipe and just annihilated everyone that went before him. Such an amazing thing to witness, and to see his reaction after an almost perfect run, the emotion, elation, tears and pure humbleness, was emotional for a lot of people, and yes, including me...Congratulations on being, yet again, the very best in the world!

So, basically, the point of my whole story is to remind you that when life kicks you in the face and you wonder where the fucking fuck is bottom, remember, you need to choose. You are either going to let a bad situation or incident take you out of the game, or you are going to come back a fighter, stronger than ever and find your bottom and kick IT in the face and say, no no, not today! Today, I WIN!!

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