The All American Tattoo Convention 2018

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The All American Tattoo Convention 2018

We rarely drive to any event that's more than 4 hours away but the organizers of this event have reached out to us multiple times and convinced us to exhibit at the All American Tattoo Convention. This was an 8-hour road trip to Fayetteville, North Carolina.

We left New Jersey on Thursday night and arrived at our hotel the next morning around 5 AM. Then we were up and out to set up our pop-up shop around 10 AM because the event starts at 12 PM. We were already tired and the show hasn't even started yet?! Haha...

Fukitt Clothing | All American Parachute Team

Everything went very smoothly on the first day. It was really warm and beautiful outside and since Fridays are usually slow at tattoo conventions, Angela and I decided to skate around the area to enjoy the weather.

To start the event, they actually had the All Veteran Parachute Team come down from a plane and land in front of the Crown Complex. Fayetteville is close to the largest military base so it's really great of them to show their support for the military.

Fukitt Clothing | Tattoo Artist supporting our brand

It's always nice to attend tattoo conventions since we've accumulated a bunch of tattoo artists as friends throughout the years. I always forget where most of them are from because there are artists from all around the world that work at these conventions.

It's so flattering to see random artists wearing our brand at different shows. They always influence their clients to visit our pop-shop just by simply wearing our brand because they get curious about what it's about.

Fukitt Clothing | Picture of the Founders

Anyway, we just wanted to say thank you to All American for putting on a great show and to all of our artist friends, new and old, who support us and our brand. We're glad to see our mentaity and lifestyle is impacting people's lives.

Ricardo J. Zulueta, Jr.

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