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It's always such a pleasure when we're given the opportunity to share our insights and knowledge that can really change people's perspectives and help them improve their lives. G Mark Phillips discovered Ricardo and his work through Mike Ham’s The Morning Spotlight Podcast and invited him to join his podcast as a guest to talk about his experience in business and life and the inspiring idea behind Fukitt Clothing. In this episode, you’ll discover: Why it’s impossible to really live life to the fullest That it doesn't matter how positive you are if you don’t change your perspective Why you have to make a decision first instead of...

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About 2 weeks ago was the Philly Tattoo Convention. A show we haven't missed in about 8 years. Why? Because we love the city, the people and the show is always filled with love for us and our brand....Why do we do what we do? The answer is easy and simple...we are literally saving lives. Even if we just affect 1 person throughout an entire weekend convention, that's 1 more life saved and touched by us. I think it's a pretty good reason, don't you?

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