Snowboarding at Hunter Mountain [Video]

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Snowboarding at Hunter Mountain [Video]

We saw that it was going to be dumping snow so we decided to take a quick trip to Hunter Mountain for a snowboarding session. We left at about 6:00 AM for our 3-hour road trip. This is my first snowboarding trip in a while so I was stoked that my buddy called me up to hit the mountain.

It wasn't that busy when we got there so that was great being able to hit the slopes without any long lines. We were hoping for the snow but it didn't start falling until later in the early afternoon.

I've been working hard so I was happy that my wife, Kristen, pushed me to go on this trip for a mental break. It was a great spontaneous activity for me to get away from work for a bit and just enjoy myself.

Kristen actually got me a new snowboard as an early Christmas present just to entice me to get out there! I always tend to feel a sense of guilt when I know I have so much other stuff to do. She's awesome.

I didn't get to go to a lot of snowboarding trips last year so this is definitely going to be just one of many other trips this year. I hope anyone reading this will take the time out of their busy schedule to go on a spontaneous trip for a mental break.

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