Philadelphia Tattoo Convention - Land of the Champs

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Philadelphia Tattoo Convention - Land of the Champs

That's right! Land of the Champions is where Fukitt Clothing's next pop up shop will be this weekend! The 20th annual Philly Tattoo Convention!  Personally, I cannot wait to see the City and feel the amazing vibes from an amazing victory)!

The Philadelphia Tattoo Convention is probably one of the biggest and busiest tattoo conventions on the East Coast and I have a strange feeling this one will be even bigger than the rest due to the Sunday's Superbowl win!

This will be our 6th year at this convention and we cannot wait to see all the familiar faces and hear the stories of repeat customers who wait all year to see us there. There will be a lot of new faces we haven't seen and we plan on inspiring them all with our brand!

The show runs from Friday until Sunday at the convention center and the hours are very long and late to give artists enough time to finish tattoos they are working on. We will be there from open to close every day with our little pop-up shop selling some new gear and inspiring people by the dozens!

Now that football is over, if you're looking for something fun to do fun for the whole family, head on over to Philly and hit the tattoo convention! Can't wait to see you all there!

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