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Our New Workspace

Fukitt Clothing New Workspace

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go all in on certain things. Well, it was a time we finally had an all in one office/working space.  Fukitt Clothing was taking over and we needed to make things more comfortable and efficient for productivity. So, right before Christmas we dove in and hired a contractor to do a lot of the work, but did a lot ourselves!

So, here's a little bit of what has gone on...

First, we had to gut an entire space down to the studs and have everything rewired to run all of our equipment and computers. Then, we needed to add heat and air conditioning, and running water, hot and cold.

Next, a window to give us some natural light and a view so we can see the outside world and not feel confined to a "cubicle" type space. Hate that...never worked in one, cannot stand not seeing the light of day!

Next up, insulation and sheetrock! That was a fun mess; dust everywhere! I am still dusting it out of little spaces! Then we had to build a walk-in attic space for storage of things we don't use every day, but often enough for events. (That was fun...NOT)!

Ok, onto pressure washing the concrete floors so we can prep them for epoxy. (Mind you, we're doing this in December before Christmas, so it wasn't exactly warm...water and wind and concrete and December equals no fun whatsoever)!

Now onto the epoxy! This stuff if pretty cool, and looks awesome! The floors are super shiny and have a hint of glitter in them, but look masculine enough too though!  Paint next, that was standard. All in my hair and everywhere! Kitchenette installed,  counters and sink. (This is starting to look like somewhere I would like to spend my days working)!

Next up, the worst part of all...putting together the new desks, which were in about a million pieces. But after 3 days and a little help from a dear friend, we had them all done! A few leftover pieces we have no clue what they are for, but the desks seem to be just fine! LOL!!!  (Men just refuse to read directions....).

We also added a space for photo shoots! This is an awesome feature of the office space!  New gear or whatever we want, we just pull down the backdrops and turn on the lights and boom!  We can do a photo shoot at any given moment for new gear, hats or a model modeling them!

After all of that, and after about a month of work, we have finally moved in and started working in our new space. Just bought curtains yesterday to black out the windows at night so we can work in peace. It's not 100% complete, still, a few little things we need to be finished, some minor trim and whatnot, but for now we're in and working at full capacity using everything including the photo studio a few times already!

So, in sum, we just wanted to let you all know that we are working very hard to make our lives easier and more efficient so that our quality and performance for our customers and followers is higher and they have a better experience with our brand and we can branch out more and reach new heights with getting our mission out there to the rest of the world! The pictures aren't of the finished product and don't really do the space any justice, but it's what I had on my phone to show you guys!

Without you all supporting us throughout the years, none of this would be possible, so we thank you and look forward to being better able serve you all and spread the word about the Fukitt mentality in the future!

Much love from our new workspace,



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