Morristown Wine Fest

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Morristown Wine Fest

This past weekend we took on a different event. An event that was only 3.5 hours long, but it was a WINE fest!!! If anyone knows me, I LOVE wine!!! So, considering the event was basically local for us, (1.5 hours away) we decided to go for it.

We first got to the venue and weren't sure about it whatsoever, but we figured, 3.5 hours, how bad could it be, right? Well, the doors opened, and within the first 30 minutes, we were swarmed with people and selling without even trying! We actually couldn't "sell" like we typically do and talk to people and tell them what the brand is about because the music was so loud! (It was a great band, but too loud). That didn't stop the people from loving our gear and buying from us. 

Women love wine and love to shop. Combine the 2 and you get great results! It was a lot of fun and there was a sea of Fukitt Clothing bags floating all around the building!  

There were a few people who we did actually have the time to talk to about the brand, (during a band and hear their stories and why the brand speaks to them. Hearing struggles and triumphs from complete strangers who feel like they have to share their stories with us is always humbling. 

All in all, other than I was too busy to taste any wine. I'm not whining! It was a great event and we will definitely do another wine fest there again. Thank you all for the continued support.


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