Kansas City Tattoo Arts Convention 2018

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Kansas City Tattoo Arts Convention 2018

This was the first time we exhibited our brand at this event so we weren't really sure what to expect. We've done plenty of events with the same organizer of the event, so we were confident that it was going to be a good event since this was the 5th annual event for this convention.

I flew out to Kansas City from Newark Airport on a Thursday. Most tattoo conventions are usually held for 3 days from Friday to Sunday. One of the most convenient aspects of this convention is that the event is held at the same hotel where I was staying! As soon as I got to the hotel room, I was able to relax...

Since I got so much rest, I was actually able to go to the hotel gym for a quick workout. I rarely ever do anything before a tattoo convention because of the long hours but I was feeling very energetic so I took advantage of it.

When an event is more than 4 hours away, which are usually tattoo conventions, our pop-up shop is very simple without all of the setup equipment. The amount of time it takes to set up is very quick. I usually just have two suitcases full of our merchandise.

The first day of tattoo conventions are very slow but this event seemed slower than average but the sales were definitely higher than average! One thing that's nice when it's not too busy is that I get to talk to people a little more about the brand.

The weather was actually very hot throughout the weekend with the 90-degree weather but it was so cold at the event! We have no idea why they had the airconditioners at such low temperatures?! It's a good thing I brought a hooded sweatshirt for the flight!

One of the highlights of the event was when I met this lady who coincidentally just applied for a wholesale account to sell our brand at their tattoo shop. I thought she knew about us being in Kansas City but she had no idea until she saw our popup shop! She actually wrote us a very heart-warming message on our Facebook Page.

It's always such a pleasure to receive those kinds of emails because they really encourage us to keep doing what we're doing. I always have so many deep conversations with random people at these events and it's nice to know that I make such an impact on them with my philosophies and my brand.

Anyway, it was overall a successful experience! Thank you for reading and I hope you find yourself reading more about our adventures in growing our brand!

Ricardo J. Zulueta, Jr.


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