Happy New Year 2019 [Video]

New Year -

Happy New Year 2019 [Video]

Another year has come and gone. Amazing how fast time goes when you're busy doing a million things! Here’s a quick look into the past year and what we have been up to…

As usual, the tattoo convention season starts early in the year and off we went to our first show. Beer fests, wine fests, and food festivals fill up our schedule almost every weekend from mid-January until late October. In the midst of all this, we spent 10 days in Italy as an actual vacation, (first non-working vacation in 3 years), had several weddings to attend, lots of friends had babies, we had to sadly put down one of our cats, not to mention the usual family responsibilities all while trying to be a married couple.

Oh and we started 3 more businesses (yup) and Ricardo went to Founder Institute, a startup accelerator program while I worked a part-time job. During all of this chaos of traveling all over the Country for tattoo shows and whatnot, we have been working on 2 tech startups. Yup, you heard that right, not 1, but 2! And yes number 3, the non-profit for suicide prevention we started as well.

Startup number 1:
My husband was accepted and enrolled at the Founder Institute to help us out with the tech projects. This school is extremely time-consuming, more like another full-time job if not more, on top of his full-time job with Fukitt and working on our other projects. Thankfully he graduates January 8th and we can move on to doing more productive work on the actual business. This has been so very time-consuming for both of us and knocking us both off of our schedules. Paid Exposure is a marketplace for influencers, or people with social media followers, to connect with sponsors seeking valuable exposure. Our beta site should be up and running by the end of March and the apps live by May!

Startup number 2:
Guest Spot is our platform for tattoo artists who travel around the world. This site connects tattoo shops around the world who are seeking guest spot artists to work in their shops. Everyone knows a lot of artists travel around the world to tattoo. This makes the shop and the artists' life so much easier! Almost like booking a hotel online. The website is live but we aren’t promoting it yet until the apps are finished. This should hopefully be within the next month or so.

Startup number 3: 
Start Day One, a nonprofit foundation for suicide prevention, is clearly a passion for both of us. With my husband's loss of one of his brothers to suicide, our clothing company has made a big stand on suicide prevention. It’s what we do and why we talk to all of our customers when we meet them at all the festivals we go to. We are trying to spread the word and help anyone who needs it. My husband is clearly a very motivational speaker and we're both very passionate about this cause.

Start Day One does not have the typical suicide prevention philosophy. We believe that  most suicide charities wait until you are suicidal, literally ready to “pull the trigger”, for lack of better words, to hopefully call a hotline and hope someone can talk you off that ledge. We believe we should get to you long before you get that far. True prevention is changing your perspective on your situation and helping you cope with it properly, long before you get so far deep that you can’t get yourself out of it. Instead of dreaming of “one day” to leave a bad relationship, or start a business, we want to change your perspective by inspiring and motivating you to start day one.

The charity is awaiting the final federal approval but we can start taking donations for it right now. Donations will go towards programs and speaking engagements, walks and retreats to name a few things.

Hmmmm, let’s see what else?  I’m sure there are a million other things I can tell you guys, but I wanted to let you know why we haven’t been on top of our game with Fukitt and reaching out and being more present with our online game. We have been hectically busy and trying to make some moves in the right direction to help more people out there in the world. We are trying to make a difference. A real difference. Enhancing everyone’s lives for the better.

We're not telling you about these business ventures to brag but to inspire you to keep pushing yourself to pursue your dreams and your ideas. You will never know what the right choices are but that's okay. No one does. It's how you deal with the consequences that really matter.

With all that being said, we just wanted to reach out and say thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past, and who continue to do so. We truly appreciate your business and helping us achieve our goals. We are excited about the future of Fukitt and our new ventures. All of our hard work and determination is coming to fruition in 2019! We look forward to seeing you all at Fukitt and Start Day One events in the future.

We wish everyone to have a safe, healthy and happy 2019.

Kind Regards,

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  • Tami

    I remember the first time I met Ricardo at the surf club. His smile lights up a room. congrats on all your success. behind every good man is a great woman I am happy you found yours Ricardo. Ps I went through dark mental stuff in 2015 and 2016. the struggle is real. and thank you for your work with this growing problem we all face at one time or another. Tami.

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