First Fukitt Friday in 2018

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First Fukitt Friday in 2018

Hey there everyone! It's been a good long while since I've blogged about anything, but I will be doing them more often. I have no excuses! So today, considering it's Friday, and I've just had one hell of a week, it's time to celebrate Fukitt Friday!

For starters, Happy New Year to everyone! Ours started off like any other year, all geared up and positive for a great start to the year, went to the gym a few times, (I personally took a little over 3 months off, so I'm was sore as can be), finally got moved into the new office we had built, and was ready to take on the new year. Then bam, bang, boom! Let's see, (bam) first the truck had a flat tire due to a nail from the construction we were having done. Got that fixed quickly because there was a snow storm heading our way and my car doesn't even like the rain, she's sideways and all over the place. Then, (bang) we got a little over a foot of snow. Then, (BOOM) the ceiling in our brand new office started leaking (when I say brand new, I mean BRAND NEW, it's not even 100% done yet)...yup, you guessed it, a water pipe broke, well it exploded actually from freezing and has caused a big mess. Sheetrock, trim, paint, insulation, etc., etc., and we now have no water running in the office because of it. 

You can clearly see why I named this blog so appropriately "Fukitt Friday". Now I know I sound like I'm complaining, and I am a little but I know it could be worse. I have a vehicle I can drive safely in the snow, some people do not. So what if it had a flat, it's fixed! Snow, well, it's the weather, can't do anything about it and we happen to have 2 Siberian Huskies who are loving their life right about now and it's great fun to watch them play in their element. Besides, a good snowball fight is always fun!!! The leak, well, it does suck, but, I have a new office and a beautiful, comfortable space to go to work in. Though a little messy right now, it's a place we can go running this business and spread the word about our Fukitt mentality and hopefully change peoples perspective about things.  

While a few little things seem to amount to big things, they really aren't as bad as they seem if you break them down and look at them in a different light! That's what I'm doing. How can I not? It's what we do here at Fukitt!  As for tonight, the hubs and I are saying "Fukitt" to all that's happened this week, going to have dinner with some friends and go throw some hatchets to let off some steam. I'm actually really excited about this! 

I hope everyone has a great Fukitt Friday too and can let go of little things that happened and look at them in a whole new light! Here's to a fabulous 2018!

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