DC Tattoo Expo 2018

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DC Tattoo Expo 2018

Fukitt Clothing | DC Tattoo Expo 2018

Last weekend we kicked off our 2018 pop up shop season at the DC Tattoo Convention. I believe this was our 5th time at this show and it's always a great way to start off the year! Filled with friends we haven't seen in a few months, yet seemed like yesterday, so it was good to see them all.

So many things changed with people and businesses, but everyone was still the same! As usual, we got there, unloaded and set up, and then checked into our room. We even upgraded to a huge suite for free. I knew this was going to be a great weekend! 

Friday kicked off our year with a great turn out and amazing stories of people we inspired who came back just to see us. I love hearing these stories from people of how we changed their lives just from simply talking to them at a convention for 5 minutes! It's the power of the spoken word! Saturday and Sunday was basically a lot of the same thing.

Amazing people and stories of struggle and survival and (thankfully) failed attempts at ending lives. One of them was a concerned friend of a beautiful young woman, who struggles daily. He bought her a shirt with the hope that it would help. Well, this lovely girl reached out to us...it really did help her.

Another story was of a woman who lost her daughter a month ago to suicide and she basically bought one of everything in the booth because she said she needed to be inspired every day. She had a positive outlook on everything and wanted to spread the word.

There was also this story of a woman whose daughter was being bullied and later attempted to end her life. She actually had 2 daughters who were very depressed and suicidal. She bought them each a shirt and one for herself. They were both on the mend, but she just wanted to remind them.

Anyway, I just really wanted to share a few stories and thank the people of DC for making this event another memorable, wonderful event. We will be back next year to kick off our season again with you! We hope that we have been an inspiration!

Life is beautiful even at it's worst, saddest and most trying times.

Kristen Zulueta

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