Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention 2018

Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention 2018

It's always a pleasure taking advantage of visiting so many different places as a perk of this job. This is the 3rd time we have exhibited at the Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention, where there are hundreds of tattoo artists and unique vendors.

My flight arrived in Chicago on Thursday, the day before the event, so I had plenty of time to check out my area to set up our shop. This is always great because I don't have to rush. I was going to go around and check out the area but I really didn't feel like it so I just went back to my hotel room.

Fukitt Clothing | Working in the hotel room

Most of the time, I find myself just staying in and working on the online aspect of the company. I guess it's just that entrepreneur sickness. I can't help working because I actually enjoy it but I definitely take the time to experience different places.

The tattoo conventions usually start on Thursdays and end on Sundays. They tend to be very long hours because the artists need as much time as they can to work on their clients. Some of the big tattoos on people can take the entire day!

One of the best moments at this show was when a customer approached me on Saturday and said, "Soooo, I bought this hat yesterday..." My immediate reply was, "And it got stolen..."

He then proceeds to say, "No. But the compliments!? I had so many people complimenting my hat. Girls were trying to take it off my head trying to take selfies. But they kept asking me what it's all about so I had to come back to find out."

Sometimes, I get bombarded with customers simultaneously so I'm unable to tell all the customers the message or the meaning behind the brand. Anyway, I started telling him what it's all about and he was really enlightened.

He said, "That's great! I just needed to find out because now I know what to tell people." It ended up that he was actually an account executive for the venue with the Rosemont Exposition Services.

He was a really nice and professional guy and he actually ended up purchasing another hat and another one for his colleague, who was with him. He even went on to mention to let me know about other future events at the venue and offered any assistance we might need.

Exhibiting at different events really keep me connected to my customers. It's always motivating to hear people say how much we've been an inspiration and they even thank me and persuade me to keep doing what I do.

Fukitt Clothing | Founder at the Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention

Anyway, I really enjoy it and if we had a good conversation at this event, please let me know. I love hearing about them. It really helps give me motivation and gratitude for doing what I do.

Thank you again to all the staff members of the event and to all the customers who supported us. I truly appreciate all the love!

Ricardo J. Zulueta, Jr.

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