Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival 2018

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Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival 2018

There's only one way we know how to kick off Spring, and that's at the annual Atlantic City Beer Fest! This year I had to go it alone and bring friends with me to help out because, as most of you know, the hubs was in Chicago at the Tattoo Convention. 

If any one of you reading this have been there before, you know this event is completely insane! 30k people in the matter of 12 hours, divided between 3 sessions! That's a LOT of people! People come from all over to see the concerts, taste the beer and buy awesome stuff from none other than, yours truly, Fukitt Clothing!

We brought a newbie with us for her first ever Fukitt event and 2 seasoned veterans. The newbie, Jen, was hearing all sorts of crazy stories from, Rich and Brianna, my veteran help. Stories like, "Oh yeah, someone just literally bought the hat off my head or the sweatshirt off my back". Jen couldn't believe it...until it happened! She saw first hand how people are drawn to us and our brand. People were thanking her and hugging her and telling her why they love to come every year and get something from us because they love it so much.

A woman came up to me and literally bought the shirt off my back! happened again! I had to change right then and there and give her my shirt! The shirt on her shoulder pictured below is the one I had to sell her! This same adorable, funny woman, who absolutely loved everything about us, proceeded to buy 16 more items! Talk about loving Fukitt and what we are about!

Other stories from this event could be from a guy who bought a hat about 6 months ago and said he only wears it and none of his other hats, then proceeded to purchase 6 more! Some other stories could be about the woman who was going through something and "needed to hear what I had to say about the brand and what we are doing and trying to do" because she was going through something and was inspired and cried and thanked me for putting a smile on her face!

I can go on and on about what an amazing, inspiring weekend we all had at the event. Thank you AC Beer Fest for ALWAYS providing us with a top-notch show! Honestly, the stories and heartfelt love from our customers is really beyond what we've ever imagined. So much so, that we are making some big moves in the very near future to add to our goal of inspiring people to live life without regret and accept challenges worth the risk.

Kristen Zulueta

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