A Taste of Italy

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A Taste of Italy

So you may all know that a few months ago, I randomly booked our trip to Italy on a whim because I found a great deal on the flights! (And this trip just so happened to fall on our 6 year wedding anniversary). Well, the time has come and gone and we are home from our trip. I figured I would share a little insight about our journey, our experiences, and the things we learned along the way about life, love, and living!

We began our whirlwind journey flying from JFK to Rome. Spent only 1 day and 1 night in Rome before we were off again. But , "when in Rome", before we left we managed to squeeze in the Coliseum (which actually gives you chills when you think of the craziness, slaughter, sport, and history that went on there), the Trevi Fountain to make a few wishes, and a few other places, ate some yummy food, drank with locals and finally passed out. Bright and early, the very next morning, we headed out to Venice. Talk about jet lag!

After a long train ride, we were in this crazy city of canals, gondolas and tiny, narrow "streets" per say, with a tiny bar, literally every 10 feet. This place is romantic, charming and just lovely. You can easily get lost while indulging at all the bars and restaurants! We were lucky to only get lost a "little" bit. Taking a sunset gondola ride, took you back in time to a place when life was slower, smaller and simpler. We enjoyed 3 days and 2 nights there, drinking wine, aimlessly wandering the streets, sipping delicious wine, and enjoying the culture, until we packed up again and got on another train and ferry to the Island of Capri.

Capri...I cannot say enough about this magical place. It is out of a dream. Here, we decided to extend our stay an additional night because it was just so lovely. It is literally picture perfect here. The colors, the views, the water, the food, the wine, the lifestyle. Just truly amazing. If you can ever experience this place, stay a few days, and indulge yourself! It is totally worth it. We took a private boat around the entire island one day and got to jump off and swim around, and another day, we went to a famous beach club and just relaxed and got spoiled a bit.

We walked for miles and miles, up and downsides of cliffs and tons of stairs, but every step was a new view of paradise and worth every effort we put into the trekking around. I think the one day we walked close to 12 miles!!  Food was amazing, the wine was delicious and the atmosphere and people were wonderful, classy and warm. Sadly, we eventually had to leave, and we were on another ferry to the Amalfi Coast.

The famous Amalfi Coast...Amalfi, Positano, and Conca de Marini. Wow is all I can say. At this point, we didn't think any other place could be just as beautiful as Capri, and honestly, it wasn't, but it was almost just as beautiful. We explored these 3 cities and ate and drank and lounged on the beaches and relaxed a lot. This is where we spent our anniversary.

We were so tired from all of the planes. trains, subways, buses, cars, boats, and ferries, that we actually walked to a local restaurant, (literally walked down the side of a cliff to the beach to get to the restaurant) grabbed a pizza, found an English movie on TV, ate in our room, and had a "bed picnic" with a bottle of wine. It was a perfect way to spend our anniversary, relaxing and enjoying "la dolce vita" (the sweet life) after all the travel and hustle and bustle. This is what love is...Eventually, we had to pack up once again and take another bus, ferry and train, and subway back to Rome.

Rome for the final night and leaving the next morning, we only had time to really, relax a bit, eat dinner, (which by the way was fantastic. The owner helped me carry my bags across the street to our hotel, because we were a little "lost" and gave me his card and said, come for dinner, so we did...worth it), then we packed up again and were in another car to the airport headed back to the good old USA.

So while this journey may have sounded and looked magical and amazing, which it was, I can honestly say, with all my heart, there is NO place like home. What we took with us; a little culture, a little knowledge, a little appreciation of the world and it's people and how good we have it in our beautiful country. I hope we touched the lives of some of the people we met along the way.

We can totally relate to the words of the late Anthony Bourdain, "Travel isn't always pretty. It isn't always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that's okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind"...With that being said, remember to live your life! Take that dream trip now while you're young. You can always work later to make more money... time is something we cannot buy, no matter how much we have. So enjoy this beautiful life, and this beautiful world, see it, experience it, feel it, know it...no regrets!

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  • Mario

    It was great meeting you today at the convention. You’ve inspired me and I will continue your journey with others as well and keep the hope of life growing thanks again!

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