Sad News About World Famous BMX Athlete, Dave Mirra

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Sad News About World Famous BMX Athlete, Dave Mirra

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It has come to my attention that a World Famous BMX athlete, 24 time X Games medalist, MTV host, husband and father of 2,  Dave Mirra was found dead, by way of suicide, at the young age of 41.

This story has sparked a few negative comments after we posted about it on our Facebook page. People were commenting that they "don't feel badly for him and he couldn't have lived 10 days in their shoes", "what could he possibly be so depressed about, he had everything, money, fame, etc"? It takes me back to when we all heard Robin Williams took his own life. 

Just because it looks to the World on the outside that someone's life is amazing, we never truly will ever know what happens or had happened behind closed doors to spark some series of depression or sadness. I find it hard to believe that people nowadays, would dare to compare their lives to someone else's and say that one person could never walk a mile in their shoes. It's just ridiculous to me.

Everyone has things go on in their lives that are hard to deal with, no matter where you live, how you live, how much money you have, if you're famous or not, whatever the case may be. For someone to judge someone else's life and situation without knowing anything about what is going on in their life infuriates me. 

People need to simply sit back, and listen, open their hearts and minds, and talk to someone, listen to someone, everyone needs someone to talk to every now and then. Not to judge, not to compare, everyone handles a situation different. Some people can handle hardships differently. Some things affect people differently than you.

No one will ever know what happened in Dave's life, mind, what was truly going on, what he really needed to possibly help him. Perhaps it was just a friendly chat with someone to change his mindset that day. We will never know. But for anyone to judge by looking from the outside, thinking he had a great life because of what is seen on TV, assuming everything in his life was peachy, is terrible.

Take the time to smile at a stranger, say hello, and if someone feels like talking, listen. You may never know who needs the extra little help. Spread a little more love in your day. You may never know who's life you save. We have been at several events, where we met people, talked to them, and received e mails back from them weeks later, of them telling us how by simply speaking our mission to them, and what we are about, made them change their minds about doing something terrible to themselves.

Spread love, don't judge, and be kind to each other...everyone needs love.

by Kristen Zulueta

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