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Atlantic City Seafood Festival

We have always gotten a lot of love from the folks in Atlantic City, so when we heard there was a Seafood Festival, we decided to venture down the Parkway and try our hand at it.  Fukitt, phonetically pronounced "foo-kit", NOT fuck it as everyone thinks, was well received once again, from all ages and walks of life.

I started our very windy Saturday morning meeting our newest sales representative, Michael Gesso, a professional motorcross racer (Jack met him the weekend before at the Wildwood Tattoo Convention, who walked into the booth and got infected with Fukitt and our mission, and asked to become a rep).  Mike, a 24 year old funny, gingerish kid, highly motivated and inspiring, fell right into the swing of things and, I am happy to say is going to be a great addition to our Fukitt Family. Being windy was a good thing, in that, if it wasn't it would have been way too hot, but our shirts and hats were flying all over the place. But on a good note, there was an awesome kite garden, and they flew beautifully all day long!

I would have to say that at least 95% of the people who walked over to our booth, always asked first, "how do you pronounce it"? When we told them that phonetically it is "foo-kit", every one of them responded with something along the lines of, "I knew it" or "I told you"!  Then of course, when we filled them in our mission and what we are about, they became even more intrigued with the brand, almost all of them left the booth with a bag full of goodies!  

The awesome thing about Fukitt and our mission is that it hits home with all age groups and all different walks of life. We had families with small children buying gear, not just for themselves, but for their children, as well as older folks in their 70's!  I had a mother tell me that her kids are wearing the shirts to school and if the school didn't like it she would school them with "hooked on phonics" and the mission behind our brand. With suicide on the rise with younger kids, peer pressure and everything else, it is nice to have a positive message as a reminder.

We met a group of ladies on the 50th High School reunion, who loved everything about Fukitt and bought a bunch of shirts and hats. They all had their own story about a hardship, a been there, done that story, and a "ya gotta move on" story.  We also met a woman in a wheelchair who asked us to tag her chair with a sticker, and she agreed and bought the shirt that says "It could always be worse". Truly inspirational!

All in all, the 2 day event was filled with great food and music and even better people who felt compelled to share their stories of hardship, illness, abuse, death, and tragedy and how one of our inspirational messages really hit home with them. Everyone left the booth feeling inspired and with a smile. I know we all left filled with emotion and a wonderful feeling of touching someones life.

Thank you Atlantic City!



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