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United Ink Tattoo Convention 2014

First I want to personally say thank you to Jackie and Lou Rubino of World Famous Tattoo Lou's for putting on such a great event this past weekend in Long Island. We go to a lot of tattoo conventions and this one was handled with class and done right! Not that the rest aren't but this one was different. With simple things that help out like the shuttle buses and the after parties which provided food for vendors and artists, and simple check in and load in and out, it was a very smooth event.

Now, off to what I intended to write...As usual we were surrounded by friends who feel like family and new and old supporters who come to love everything we stand for. Supporters who were already wearing our gear to the show and stopped by to get more, and new supporters who were touched by what we do.

I cannot even say how grateful WE are to everyone who supports Fukitt and our mission, but even a bigger thank you to those of you who shared your stories of pain and suicidal thoughts and how we (Fukitt and our mission) has saved them in those dark, sad times.There are so many touching stories this weekend that brought us and the people sharing their stories with us to tears. So, what I'm going to do is write about some of those stories today and some tomorrow, which really hit home with us and caused tears. Everyone's story is important to us, everyone's struggle is important to be heard, but these are just some that stuck out.

We met a couple, who felt as though it was fate that brought them to our booth. They had suffered not only 1 but 2 suicide losses and were dealing with another person very close to them who is dealing with severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Fate? Wow, that's a powerful word, they were very passionate about that. It was nice to see their response to our mission and company. I too feel as though it may have been fate that brought them to us, perhaps, when they and their loved one wear the shirt or wristband, they get inspired and remember, it COULD always be worse.

There was this lovely couple my husband was talking too, telling them about Fukitt and what we stand for, who didn't actually share a story of suicide or anything like that, but the woman, couldn't help but to tear up and cry twice during one conversation. They were so cute, that they even came back and bought additional shirts and wristbands and stickers, and even then, this woman cried. Not sure what was going on in her life or had gone on in her life, I don't think she could actually bring herself to talk about it, but whatever it was, Fukitt hit home with her and she loved everything about us.

Again, I cannot emphasize how grateful WE are for everyone who supports our company and the lives we touch. It truly makes everything we do THAT much more humbling and important and touching to us. We plan on never giving up on Fukitt because, we simply are touching and changing peoples lives and that makes our lives fulfilling. It's a wonderful, wonderful feeling knowing how we have impacted people who need it most.  Thank you all...and another story to be continued tomorrow..it's 1 story, but there is so much information to be told...

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